• Are you social distancing due to the coronavirus crisis?
  • Is the current worldwide pandemic stressing you out?
  • Are you nervous, sad, unsure, angry, or annoyed by the whole virus thing?
  • Ever sense if you may or may not have a steady job in the near future?
  • Has the fear of the unknown increased your anxiety level?
  • Are you sick and tired of being cooped up?
  • Ever wonder if this whole thing is going to be over soon?
  • Would you consider social distancing online counseling?

If you have answered “yes” to few or most of these questions, this pandemic has affected you. During this time, if you are experiencing a wide range of emotions, you are not alone. The feelings of being stressed out, worried, angry, annoyed, anxious, or depressed are rather common responses to such an event. Although having such feelings are common, they are not at all reassuring. You may also notice changes in what you are thinking or what you are doing that may be adding to your stress. Though you are not in control of the outbreak or the spread, you can improve and control your coping strategies.

You Are Not Alone Here

Throughout these days of uncertainty, realize you are one of many people who are struggling with uneasy feelings and thoughts. Although this particular coronavirus is new, scary, and uncertain, we have worked with many clients with intense anxiety, phobias, depression, and other things. Many of our clients who have received help have wrestled with fears of the unknown, conflict in relationships, changes in life, tragedy, and many other difficulties. As counselors, we find satisfaction in counseling others through difficult times and issues like these.

You May Have Doubts About Online Counseling

How Am I Going to Feel Comfortable Talking to a Counselor Online?

This is a genuine concern for many people who need help but have few current options. As counselors, we will help walk you through your uneasiness of being online. We will bring you assurance to focusing on the things that are currently bothering you. Though online counseling may not be your first choice, it can bridge the gap from where you are emotionally and physically located to eventually being at the counselor’s office. As an alternative or even unorthodox to many, online therapy serves as a way to cope in the here and now.

How Is Online Therapy Going to Get Me Through This Whole Coronavirus Thing?

This is a very common question for many many people. Given that it started across the world and eventually landed here in our country and state, it is something out of our control. Through connecting with a helping professional, you are able to recognize your own thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitude about it. By discovering what is in your power, control, responsibility to do and what is not, you can begin to regain peace, hope and direction in your life.


Can You Help Me Cope With Boredom?

What is boredom? Something like not being busy with things that matter or are important to you.  When you are in a place that you didn’t necessarily put yourself into, and not doing what you want or need to do can add to your stress. Maybe even bad habits restart or intensify during this time. By getting help for the here and now, discover new ways of looking at your situation. You can learn ways of adjusting to and thriving while you wait it out.

 How Can I Get Help Online With a House of Kids?

By determining a best time and place to meet while your kids are being watched by a trusted neighbor or friend. If your kid or kids are of responsible age, you can find a secluded location to connect with a counselor online. Taking the time for you is vital and important for your own mental and emotional health. When you are more centered or stable, you provide that strength and courage for your children.  Online counseling is that support, empathy, and compassion for you.

Over the years we have provided thousands of hours of counseling for clients who have struggled with a multitude of difficult emotions, thoughts, actions, and situations. With our group of counselors, we are unique in providing counseling for a number of problems many people are facing.

We are here to help. Let us know if you would like to know more about social distancing online counseling. Give us a call at 520-292-9750 to set up a time to connect or send us an email at joel@pathwaystucson.com . Also, feel free to check out more of our blogs here.

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Our online counselors are Kim Arnold, Jessica Miceli, Andrea Ward, Gwen Peacock, Allison Hanzel