• You realize your anxiety, depression or stress is too much, but where do you start?
  • Have you been holding out for the right time to get into counseling?
  • Is there a time you considered in office counseling or online therapy?
  • Do you spend a lot of time online or at home and want to get out for therapy?
  • Ever wonder if it’s safe now to go to an office for counseling?

Perhaps you are waiting for the right moment to get the help you need. You may have wondered if it’s the right time to set aside your fear and doubt. Maybe you realize you have put off counseling long enough and ready or not you need to do something. It is at this moment that the decision to address the stress and pain is necessary.

Counseling provides a place (online or in office), a person (the counselor) and a process (goal focused counseling) to help you. As experienced counselors, we are here to support, encourage and walk you through these tough times in your life. It is our passion to be here to assist in restoring your mental, emotional, spiritual health and provide hope for a better well-being.

Many people are right where you are in the pain and uncertainty of the future. The virus crisis has flung doubt about when and where to get free from the heaviness inside.  Many clients we have met before, during and through this virus crisis have weighed their choices for counseling. Let’s take a look at these choices in order to help you decide a path best for you.

Pros for online therapy

Here are some pros you may relate to from a few of our clients about online therapy. These include: more flexibility in scheduling, “couldn’t do counseling if it wasn’t online”. Others have expressed less travel, less risk to coronavirus exposure, and less risk in seeing others they may know. Also, enjoying the comforts of home while being more relaxed. They appreciate the personable rapport building as well as qualities experienced with their counselor.

Contrasts for online therapy

On the other hand, we have found that clients want to leave their homes. They have been at home long enough and want a break. Also, you find it better to concentrate on your counseling issues if you are out of your living or work space. Others have expressed privacy issues while at home with others present. As technology goes, there are generally minimal times when the connection may get lost or sketchy.

Pros for in office counseling

It’s the power of presence. Many clients like the personable nature of being face-to-face in an office for counseling. It’s the voice, the tone, easier to hear each other along with free flowing expressions that give a true sense of being connected. You can find comfort and assurance that you are getting the best quality therapy in a counselor’s office. It’s like a retreat to focus and sort out your issues in a safe place. Further, it allows for undivided attention on your specific issues without distraction. NOTE: Given today’s coronavirus crisis, we make extra precautions for a safe environment in office. Masks, gloves, and office wipe down is provided and routine.

Contrasts for in office counseling

Some clients have expressed having an awkward or changing schedule. You find it difficult to balance your schedule and at home demands. Further, the commute may be long. Whether you live and work at opposite ends of town or you have a long drive to get to a counseling office, you may find the challenges hindering.  Sometimes going to a new place may feel awkward at first.

How about both?

There are actually a few of our clients that opt for both online therapy and in office counseling. With our flexibility to meet with people online or in office, this makes for more options. You may like and appreciate the pros of both online therapy and in office counseling. So, whether your needs are for online or opportunity for in office, we are here for you.

The power of choice

In the end, you have the power to choose. Empower yourself to weigh your options and take that step forward to a better you. Imagine the relief in knowing you are taking care of you. You are moving ahead to get the help you need. Feel free to call us at 520-292-9750 or send an email at joel@pathwaystucson.com. We look forward to connecting with you.


Our counselors are available for the start of your healing. Jessica Miceli, Kim Arnold, Anne Sheffer provide both online therapy and in office counseling.