What Kind of Counseling Do You Do?

We inquire with each person seeking counseling to determine the needs/situation for counseling and then seek to create a best-fit plan to help meet our clients’ needs.  With this in mind, counseling may include brief, solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral (in other words addressing one’s thought and actions and how they affect their current situation), client-centered, explorative (how the past affects the present), experiential, rational-emotive (how thoughts and feelings affect behavior), and other pertinent counseling approaches.  We also offer counseling for specific groups that are more focused on their needs including Christian/faith-based; military personnel and/or their families.

What is the Experience of the Counselors?

Each licensed counselor has a Master’s Degree with a counseling emphasis and are licensed by the State of Arizona.  Our counselors have a variety of training in a variety of areas that concern people including services for children (ADHD, PTSD, school-related problems, behavior problems), adolescents (depression, anxiety, behavior problems, eating concerns/disorders) and adults (relationships, families, parenting, grieving, addictions, depression, anxiety, eating concerns/disorders, career) and other areas of focus. Our student counselors are gaining experience in the counseling field and may or may not have had previous counseling experience.

How is Christian Counseling Different than General Counseling?

Common or general counseling approaches are used in Christian counseling, however, emphasis on a relationship with Jesus Christ and faith in Him with coping and going through a particular situation or problem is essential.  Furthermore, it is based on each client’s need, religious perspective and desire to focus on Christ. Thus, the emphasis is on Christ, client need, and desire and not on a particular sect or denomination though these are respected by the counselor.  Christian counseling is provided specifically by counselors who profess Jesus as Lord and Savior and seek His will and counsel in daily living, and in the profession and practice of counseling.

Do You Accept Insurance?

No…although, better put we highly value privacy and confidentiality in the counseling process. We are not sure what may or may not happen with your personal information gained by insurance companies. Further, we have found that many times either counseling services are dictated by the particular insurance company’s plans (packages) which may restrict the provider (i.e. counselor) and client to a limited number of sessions, a specific list of disorders (or problems) of which some are covered and some are not (depending on the plan) or certain counseling needs (e.g. couples counseling) are not considered at all.  There may also be many times that the provider has to “embellish” a client’s symptoms to have a favorable diagnosis in order to have counseling “covered” or to get approval for further sessions.  In other words, the provider may have to make you appear more severe on paper in order to engage or continue your counseling.  We believe this creates an ethical dilemma which we do not wish to enter.  Also, what some companies may reimburse their provider is in many instances less than what the provider normally charges for counseling. Thus, we don’t take or handle insurance, are not providers associated with insurance companies, and are not an out-of-network provider.

We encourage you to review your insurance policy carefully along with your privacy policies to know how your personal information is handled and what particular counseling services are covered and which ones are not. Your counseling (mental/behavioral health care) information or chart/paperwork may be lumped together with your medical treatment and handled/managed by your PCP (Primary Care Physician).

Riders (amendments) may also be placed on your future coverage by your new insurance company (if you change insurance companies) if you have a history of counseling which may limit, restrict or not allow for counseling services.

Please know fully your benefits and rights as well as the limitations and rules that govern your insurance policy and company.

However, for us, we focus on and tailor our counseling services with the client’s best interest and needs at heart and not determine services based on the rules or policies of a third party.  We believe the client should be the one to determine what is best for his/her family care and not be possibly limited or scrutinized by a third party.

What Are Your Hours?

We are available by appointment Monday through Saturday mornings, afternoons and/or evenings based on counselor availability.

What are Your Rates?

Licensed counselor rates vary between $90-$150 per hour, depending on each counselor and may vary based on individual, couple or family counseling.  Your counselor may tailor your rate to help meet your needs.

Masters student intern counselor rate: $50 per hour (for children/teens); $65 per hour (for adults, couples, families) with some reduced rates available.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

Cash (USD), checks, money orders, Zelle, Cash App, or POP Money (bank to bank transfer platforms)

What Oversight do Your Counselors Have?

Counselors who are students or Licensed as Associate Counselors receive direct and clinical supervision which means their work is logged, monitored, discussed, and reviewed by an approved clinical supervisor, (Joel Ackley MA, NCC, LPC, ACS) and may be discussed privately with a counselor team with Pathways.  Further, client care is handled with professional quality; knowledge, feedback, and insight from a team of professionals (including other Licensed Counselors).  Master’s level student intern counselors are overseen by their perspective school/university faculty supervisor and Joel Ackley as their site supervisor. Counselor accountability, growth, and development within a supportive infrastructure are emphasized.

Where are Your Locations?

Clients are seen in Tucson at 4621 N. 1st Avenue Suite 7, 5210 E. Pima Suite 200, other designated offices, online, and in the Tucson area.