I am a Licensed Associate Counselor with a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling from Liberty University. My area of focus, training and development is in the area of trauma-informed counseling. I also completed my undergraduate degree from Liberty, in psychology, with an emphasis on Christian counseling. Previously, I spent over 10 years working with children and families in early childhood education, before moving into the mental health field as an administrative and billing specialist.

For many people it is difficult to get through childhood unscathed. Unfortunately, traumatic experiences are a part of life — and for some, more than others. Our childhood experiences, whether we remember them or not, are interwoven into the fabric of our being and how we live out our lives. Generational wounds may get passed down because of maladaptive coping skills and dysfunctional living. I know this all too well through my own personal journey from childhood and see how it has played out in my life as an adult.

I believe every person deserves to feel and believe they are seen, heard, understood, gotten, accepted, and loved. More often than not, for those with a wounded “inner child” they did not receive one or more of these. I am passionate about helping children of all ages as well as adults work through their childhood experiences and traumas to find hope, healing, and the ability to thrive and live their best life.

My approach in counseling is holistic and collaborative in nature believing we are a sum of our parts. So, as we focus on each part of you, we will come up with a plan together that aligns with your goals and help you move forward to meeting those goals.

I want my clients to see the strengths they carry within themselves, empowering them to find the courage, growth, and resiliency they need to freely move forward. I use a variety of counseling tools, theories and therapies that will best help each client with a focus on rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), attachment theory, family systems, play, and sand-tray therapies.

I have a love for the arts, culture, and nature. In my free time, you could find me reading, writing poetry, visiting a museum, or catching a play or musical. I also enjoy hiking and traveling.


General or Christian counseling for:

Children (8-12 year old)

Teens (13 years +)





Areas of Focus Include:


Behavioral (acting out) Issues


Family Conflict


Self-Esteem and self-worth


Sexual Abuse

Suicidal Ideation

Trauma and PTSD

Childhood and Complex Trauma

For further information and to schedule an appointment,

you may reach me at 520-222-7975 or 520-292-9750 or by email at jlfoster77@proton.me.