Are You Experiencing a Stressful Relationship?

  • Are you feeling like you are not being heard by your spouse or partner?
  • Is there a lot of mistrust in your marriage?
  • Do you feel distant from your spouse or partner?
  • Is it hard to agree on many decisions that need to be made in the relationship?
  • As a couple, do your conversations turn into arguments or fights?

Perhaps there are times when you feel like you don’t matter much in the relationship. You try and try to “get through” but it’s like running into a brick wall or a thick swamp.  Maybe you wonder if things are ever going to change between the two of you. You may have considered marriage or couples counseling in the past.

Many of the couples we work with have found themselves in quite a few of these stressful situations. However, there is hope in getting through the rough spots in your relationship toward healing the emotional wounds. You can also gain new insights and ways of communicating effectively with each other. It is possible to gain more understanding and confidence in relating, resolving conflicts, parenting, problem-solving and looking to the future together.

Marriage couples counseling: Finding solutions through the storms 

We find great satisfaction in our work helping our couples work through their differences, channeling their energy in a positive way to overcome the struggles and pain. We do this by being objective, listening to each of you without judgment, and at times asking the hard questions in order to help each one reflect on individual and collective responsibilities for a better relationship, a better marriage. Counseling is a big part of seeking the help and healing you need. This is for yourself, your spouse or partner, for your kids, for your family, and for your relationship happiness overall. You guys are worth the effort, the cost, the benefits, the challenges to work things out. Invest in this relationship for yourself, for each other.

The value of counseling

It is our passion and desire to see our clients gain communication skills, resolve conflicts, work through their differences, and grow closer to each other. Many times we find that when both are willing to address the “we” in their relationship and each one individually identifies a particular goal each one is willing to work on, this starts the communication rolling toward more healthy interactions. Now, of course, there is no guarantee that the other spouse or partner is going to change, however, in our experiences we have witnessed when one turns toward the other in a non-threatening, inviting, respectful, and kind way, many times the other will begin to reciprocate. This is where counseling is a great value and investment in your relationship with one another.

Some things you may be considering

I have a reluctant spouse or partner, what do I do?

This is a very common occurrence as well as a common question.  Many times it starts with a willingness to seek change in yourself first though the other one really needs help as well. As you consider what you are going through, look at how you are handling the relationship and ways it is affecting you. As you seek change for yourself, invite your spouse or partner to join you in change together. Recall times with him/her when life was much better and invite the two of you to seek improvement together. However, if he/she decides not to join you in counseling as a couple, then consider coming to counseling alone to address your own internal struggles, pain, attitude, and frustrations in order to identify ways to better cope and handle the difficult times.

How long does marriage couples counseling last?

Well, this all depends on each individual couple. With both willing to address their needs, conflicts, and goals then counseling seems pretty straightforward with as few as 3-5 sessions and as many as 16-20 sessions. However, if there are complications, then more sessions may be needed to address your needs and goals. We look to adjust to the needs and goals of our couples based on what you are both willing to face in the counseling sessions. Each couple is different from many backgrounds, experiences, challenges, struggles, and victories taking a willingness, courage, perseverance, and hope for a better and healthier relationship. This is for you as a couple: the “we”, the “us” for a lasting, loving, beautiful, hopeful, and honorable relationship.

How much is marriage couples counseling going to cost us?

This is a common question we get which goes along with how long will therapy last. Each couple is different and your needs and goals are uniquely yours. Although the rates vary with each licensed therapist (counselor), the general couple rates for an hour session are from $90-$145. Though this rate may seem high for some and reasonable for others, the question goes beyond money. It also includes time, motivation, cohesiveness, and working things out together while in therapy. Also, following each session, counseling “tools” and homework are usually given by the therapist to enhance your progress. It may take less time when both of you are working things out together. What price can you put on your relationship? What value do you give it? How willing are you to apply yourself to the process of working things out? What would it cost you if you did nothing?

It’s time for positive change in your relationship

As you recognize more and more the need for a reset in your relationship, the time for marriage couples counseling is now.  Many couples have come to therapy to sort out their differences. They embrace their love and desire to work things out in their relationship and find success in moving forward.

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