Into several months of this virus and anxiety, worry continues to magnify many people’s stressful lives.  This whole working from home anxietyCOVID-19 pandemic is worldwide, knows no boundaries having changed our way of life. Wear a mask, stand six feet from others, stay home, be safe, and so many other sayings and things to remember.

Perhaps you have had to work from home or adjust your work schedule while your child attends school online. Maybe you had to hire a nanny or aide to be with your kids while you work. Further, you may have lost your job or had hours cut or more demand at work. You may possibly be having more conflicts with your spouse or partner as you are anxious about what to do. Perhaps you worry what will happen to you or a potentially vulnerable loved one.

Through the Swamp

As so many of our clients agree, “Time flies by fast while feeling like being in a marshland struggling to get through life”.  “It feels like it takes twice as long to get anything done”. If you feel this way, you are not alone. Possibly you are at an impasse, we can help you through. Maybe you are overwhelmed, therapy is an outlet. We are seeing many clients with higher levels of anxiety due to the added stress of this pandemic.  You are in the company of millions in this incredibly overwhelming time in history.

What is it about stress outside our control that gets the better of us? We have so many uncertainties about the present not to mention the future. Here are some ways to improve the present that are in your control.

Ways of Getting Through Anxiety

  1. Exercise.  We have found along with many health gurus that exercise improves mental health. Going for a walk for walking through anxietyabout 15-20 minutes a day or other cardio may help reduce emotional stress. Warm up movements along with stretches can help. Find what works for you. Of course, if you have any health concerns, please consult your medical provider first.
  2. Be thankful. It may seem illogical or strange to be thankful when stressed. However, when we focus on people, things or situations we are thankful for, we can increase optimism, hope and peace. It takes the pressure and focus off of anxiety and worry and onto who and what is positive. It can truly help create new pathways for good choices.
  3. Laugh. Laughter is considered to be a good medicine (per an ancient proverb). laughing through anxietyFinding time to watch a comedy show, funny videos, tell jokes with friends or just plain laugh. Levity in our spirit may truly help alleviate emotional anguish.
  4. Pray. You may or may not be religious or have much of a faith yet prayer draws on seeking a Higher Power in time of need…in times of distress…in times of sorrow.  During times of struggle, many people actually seek after God for hope, peace, direction and love. For those who know God, praying is that time to enter the throne room of God, seek and worship Him…share your heart with Him.
  5. Review your recent successes. There are times we need to pause and reflect. Day-to-day activities can get wearisome, boring or overwhelming. However, taking time to review recent accomplishments no matter how small or big can bring a smile, a sense of satisfaction to you.
  6. Encourage a friend or loved one. When you seem a bit anxious about your life, perhaps lifting the spirit of another can cheer you up as well. By bring hope, a smile, a kind word to another, you may find many times it lightens your load. An old saying goes something like this: “It is more of a blessing to give than to receive”.
  7. Reach out. Loneliness adds to anxiety for many people. It may be time to reach out and ask for help. Perhaps just reaching out through anxietyhanging out with a friend, chatting online or going for a walk with a partner or friend can help you through some of the anxious times. However, you may need more than a spouse, partner or friend. This is where connecting with a counselor can help. Anxiety generates a lot of thoughts and emotions. Sorting them out toward resolution is what we as counselors do.

Feel free to let us help you through this difficult, anxious time in your life. Call us at 520-292-9750 or email us at to set up an appointment either online or in person with precautions.


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