Let Pathways help you find a counselor who works for you

The unique Pathways model allows you to choose the counselor that best fits your counseling needs. So, check us out and find a counselor that’s a good fit for you or give us a call and we can sort it out together.


Anne Marie Sheffer (NW Office)
General, Christian or Catholic Counseling (emphasis as requested), Marriage, Couples, Body Image, Grief/Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Motivation



Jerimya Fox (NW office) Saturdays Only
Child, Teen, Adults, Couples, Mental Health Related to Medical Issues, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Addictions, Motivation




Thea Thompson (Marana Office, Online) Taking clients on a limited basis.

Relationship Counseling (Marital, Premarital, Couples, Families, Siblings, Divorce),  Children, Teens, Grief/Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Parenting, Co-Parenting



Kim Arnold (NW, East offices, Online)
Adults, Teens, Couples, Relationship Issues, Grief/Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Self-Esteem




Susan Moss, MA Counselor (East Office, Online)
General or Christian Counseling. Individuals (Adults), Depression, Anxiety, Grief/Loss, Addictions, Self-Esteem



Dynell Lee, MA Counselor (Online) Taking Clients on Limited Basis
Individuals (Older Children, Teens, Adults), Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Life Transitions



Jocelyn Cooley, MA Counselor, Certified Coach (1st Ave, East, Online)
General or Christian Counseling. Individuals (Child, Teens, Adults), Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss




Anasa Demby, Masters Student Intern Counselor (1st Ave, Online)
General or Christian Counseling for Children, Teens, Adults with focus on Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Addictions, Self-Esteem, Women’s Issues, Relationship Issues



Stacey Gonzales, Masters Student Intern Counselor (1st Ave, Online)
General or Christian Counseling for Adults, Teens, Children with focus on Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Addictions, Anger Management, Men’s Issues



Justin Lloyd, Masters of Social Work Student Intern (1st Ave)
General or Christian Counseling for Adults, Teens with focus on Anxiety, Grief, Depression, Self-Esteem Issues, Relationship Issues



Joel Ackley (NW office, Online) Not Taking New Clients at This Time
Christian or General Counseling, Relationships, Career, Grief/Loss, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Men’s Issues, Clinical Supervision



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