Counseling for Women

Discovering the Woman of Beauty You are Meant to Be

  • Do you find your emotions all over the place?
  • Are you just starting over in life alone or with your kids?
  • Is mid-life here with experiencing empty nest?
  • Are there life transitions leading you to experience ups and downs with your emotions and moods?
  • Is your  your private life closing in on you with few places to turn?
  • Do you hate the way you see yourself?
  • Are your life changes too embarrassing or awkward to talk about with friends or family?
  • Do you struggle with life decisions which bring sadness or anxiety?
  • Are you in a place where you have to help with decisions for your aging parent?
  • Is your relationship with your spouse or partner pretty chaotic?
  • Are relationships in general messed up, strained, or in a state of confusion or conflict?
  • Is there tension with your mom, dad or with your adult children?
  • Are you feeling lonely or isolated from others?
  • Do you long to have a relationship built on love, trust, and commitment?
  • Are there times when you feel unsafe in your current living situation?

Life has challenges…

for us as women in today’s world. We have found that when our female clients talk out their feelings relief starts. This happens with a warm, kind, caring, accepting, and trustworthy counselor who listens without judgment. Then, they are able to sort out their troubles more clearly and discover doable ways in order to cope with life much better. Here with Pathways Counseling Services, we have a passion for women to experience all they are meant to be. Women free of mental and emotional burdens, free of fear, shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, past emotional pain (including childhood trauma, rape, abuse, and neglect) and low self-esteem. Women free to experience healing, life, joy, faith, hope, and love.

There are unique situations and difficulties facing today’s woman….whether in relationships, job, roles, infertility, female changes, life transitions, self-esteem, or keeping up with our outside appearances. These things can put our thoughts and emotions into internal chaos where we lose sight of who we really are. Out of all these things and more come questions women have in exploring counseling for themselves.

I have so many things going on, where do I start?

You just did. By recognizing so many things that are bringing on the stress, self-doubt, anger, worry, frustration, sadness, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed you are at the beginning of positive and healthy change. You may have “stuffed” your feelings for most of your life and have kept things to yourself hiding it all away inside and now you are ready to unload it. Just getting started has been hard…really hard. In counseling, there is the opportunity to take a moment and breath. Slowing down for a moment to “put it all out there” in order to sort things out and get clarity on stuff and begin to find a clearer path. We have such complex lives with so many people in our lives, so many demands, expectations, conflictual relationships, unresolved grief, just to name a few. It’s time to take courage and take that step to meet with an empathetic, caring, trustworthy counselor.

I feel so worthless, is there really any hope for me?

You may have heard as a child or as a teen over and over again, “you’re worthless”, “you ain’t gonna amount to anything”, “oh, you’re just a girl”, “you’re not pretty enough”, and other hurtful words that were spoken to you. Also, you may have been ignored, discounted, rejected, left alone, or pushed around. How you felt, what needs you had, the love you longed for, just was not there. Though you experienced these things in each of your different situations and relationships, there is hope. “How” you may ask? Because you are made with a choice…a will to choose. You are made to be more than your life circumstances. You are of great value, meaning, and purpose. It is more than likely you have a distorted view of yourself being misled into feeling worthless. You are valued, you are beautiful. Let one of our counselors help you to discover this for yourself.

I’ve made some bad choices how do I begin again?

You may have had a difficult struggle with drugs or alcohol, you may have been in and out of really harmful relationships, you may have battled with self-image issues to the point of starving yourself or binging and throwing up. Resentment, vengeance, hatred, and bitterness may have set into your psyche to the point of deep anguish. It’s time to learn how to make some healthy, positive, and meaningful choices, change habits that aren’t working so well for you, and get on the road to recovery. One step at a time.

If I change, what’s to say my partner will change too?

This is a common question that comes out though not in so many words. A lot of times we have women coming to us for counseling who are in a difficult marriage; in a difficult relationship. They are feeling really low, in despair, stressed with how the relationship is going or where it’s headed. They want help for both of them but he won’t get help with her. So, she goes to counseling alone. As the old saying goes, “It takes two to tango” there are things in your life that you can work on to better improve your attitude, explore options, take ownership for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions and be less reactive and more responsive in the relationship as well as in life itself.

Can I ever trust again?

You’ve been hurt in more ways than one. You’ve been lied to over and over again. Learning how to trust again starts with acknowledging that you have lost that trust and need to set boundaries, to let go of the pain, to break the cycle of mistrust and gain a much better sense of self.

Counseling may help you sort through the distortion and reclaim your true meaning and mystique. Consider one of our trained and caring female counselors who are willing to sit down with you and help you sort things out. Click on their name icon below and learn a little bit more about them.

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