My approach to counseling is somewhat simple;  it’s often an uncomfortable process to go beneath the surface of all that we have going on inside and some of what we don’t even know is going on.  We need a comfortable space to unpack things from our day to day, from the past, and things we worry about in our future.  I aim to provide you with this space and a promise to hold your hand as we walk through some of the congestion of our mind and move toward getting things organized in a way that brings about peace inside and also within our relationships.  None of us exist in a vacuum and our relationships inform a lot of our thoughts and behaviors.  I also believe that faith can be a strong pillar of our healing process and I welcome any conversation or healing journey centered around that pillar.


My Counseling Emphasizes…

Christian or General counseling for 
Individual Adults

Areas of Focus Include:

Family Conflict
Parent-Child Relationships

Please feel free to contact me either by email at

or a phone call at 520-222-7053