Wanting a Christian Perspective in Counseling?

When the coronavirus crisis brings questions, fears, doubts about your faith
If you are asking questions about how or why there is a COVID-19 coronavirus, experiencing more fears or doubts right now, you are not alone. Many Christians struggle with fears, worries and doubts and with this crisis it can really make these feelings worse. There are times when certain crises don’t make sense and we can become overwhelmed, angry, anxious or depressed. The more you sit waiting, wondering if you’ll get infected or wonder why the crisis is happening, it can add a lot more to your internal turmoil. Trying to figure out the news or what people are saying, adds to the stress. Many people fear the worse about the possibility of getting infected through clothes, touching anything, the air in general, food, or other ways. By staying home or leaving for a short time feels like being “stuck” whether alone or with family or friends which can add to the stress in relationships. Helping you to regain your hope and faith in the Lord while going through this life’s storm is part of what we do in online therapy. A voice of compassion, empathy, and hope from the outside. Reach out. We are here to help you through. Call us at 520-292-9750 or email us at joel@pathwaystucson.com


  • Are you struggling to make sense of a senseless situation and want a godly perspective?
  • Has your relationship with a spouse, friend or family member drifted away from being God-centered?
  • Do you feel shame, guilt, anger, or fear that prayer and/or Bible reading alone isn’t enough?
  • Do you find friends or family too close to your situation to be objective?
  • Is it possible that you don’t want to let others down because of how you feel?
  • Have you experienced loss, confusion or even betrayal?
  • Does it feel that sometimes God isn’t listening or is far away?
  • Do you feel a sense of not being good enough?
  • Are you experiencing sadness, depression, anxiety or worry yet want to regain hope, peace, and joy?
  • Do resentments stress you out?
  • Do you struggle with forgiving others…including yourself?

There is hope in getting through these struggles from Christian, God-honoring counseling.  Many believers have struggles, doubt, fears, times of disbelief, difficulties in their relationships. Meaning, you are not alone nor do you have to go through these trying times alone. Having a trained caring, compassionate listener as a counselor introduces you to the opportunity that positive, godly change is possible.

In many times of struggle or crisis, we may doubt God’s active part in our lives. We may find ourselves frustrated, angry, and possibly helpless in difficult times, wondering why things are going the way they are. In these uncertain times, having one who shares a common bond in faith may be very helpful in renewing your faith in God and clarifying your relationship with Him as well as with others. Circumstances change on a regular basis but that doesn’t mean our Foundation or our faith in that Foundation has to change too.

Some Questions You May Have

Will my counseling be biblically based?

This is a very common question and the answer is an absolute “yes”. First and foremost we look to the Lord and His Word for our direction and point of view. In the course of our education, we have realized that many secular theorists have written extensively about psychology from their worldly viewpoint yet have discovered God’s truths though they don’t credit God for their findings. With the power of the Holy Spirit and His guidance, we discover His truth from what we have learned in order to apply it in our counseling practices. We take the Word of God, the moving of the Spirit, our counseling education and experiences into account in our counseling of our clients.

Will counseling be sensitive to my particular Christian beliefs?

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Though each Christian counselor has differing backgrounds, experiences, understanding, and spiritual training, we acknowledge that our clients also have these varying differences and we seek to align with our clients in an objective, professional, empathetic, non-judgmental, and biblical manner. We know there are various denominations but one Lord many parts of the body but one body of Christ.

Isn’t counseling the same no matter what you may be going through?

As many as there are counselors, there are just as many approaches to counseling. Though many use the same skills, it is in the how, purpose, godly wisdom, and attitude that is different with Christian counseling. Those of us as believers here with Pathways draw our knowledge, wisdom, care, compassion, and love from His salvation, His Word, our own spiritual journey with the Lord, other godly mentors, and the Holy Spirit.  We seek Him first for His wisdom in how to best approach each of our clients and walk alongside them. Thus, we look to help you in mind, heart, and spirit.

Does Christian counseling take the place of guidance from my pastor or elder?

Not at all. In fact, many times it augments it.  We are specially educated and trained in the areas of mental and emotional distress and are familiar with mental health problems that many of our clients experience. Depression, anxiety, grief, loss, PTSD, ADHD, addictions of many kinds, relationship problems (with a spouse, a child, siblings, friends, co-workers) and many other mental/emotional problems we recognize and are able to help you address these areas of need. We understand human relationships and the interactions of others and how these interactions affect you. We are part of the Lord’s work in the health and healing of our clients’ thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Further, we help them to address the hurt, fear, shame, guilt, anger, resentment, and overall distress. We take to heart that Christ is our Wonderful Counselor and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we walk alongside our clients toward mental and relational health and healing.

Though there is no guarantee in counseling, we have found that those believers who seek Christian counseling with us gain a much better understanding and growth in their faith. They become stronger in their walk with God as they overcome their fears, shame, pain, struggles, sadness, resentments, and difficult relationships and rediscover His presence, love, hope, grace, forgiveness, and joy in their lives. In our experiences of walking through our clients’ pain, we have witnessed marriages restored, better communication among family members, improved relations between parents and children, resentments let go, forgiveness of those who have caused grief and suffering, as well as relief from troubling depression and/or anxieties.

Our uniqueness here with Pathways is that we have many Christian counselors with various experiences, skills, and training to help you address your counseling needs. Whether you are having marital conflict, difficulties communicating in your relationship, parenting issues, issues specific to being a woman or man, depression, anxiety, grieving loss or having difficulty in your spiritual walk, we are here for you.

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Also, feel free to learn more about our Christian counselors listed here and see how we may be of service for you. Anne Marie ShefferKerry KellyJessica MiceliAllison HanzelKim ArnoldDebra Marshall, and Joel Ackley provide faith-based Christian counseling to assist you through this process.

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Grace and peace be with you.