“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”  -Victor Frankl

Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Feeling overwhelmed by a parenting dilemma or do you have the same recurring relationship issue? Have you started to worry you might have a drinking problem? We were never promised that life would be without struggles, but together we can work on strategies to make life a little easier.

As a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC), I work with clients going through a wide variety of difficulties. However, I particularly enjoy working with couples, parents, people who are struggling with disordered drinking, as well as women’s issues (unplanned loss, the postpartum period, and infertility). As a Catholic, I offer Christian counseling to those clients who prefer that to be a part of our therapy sessions.

Recently I completed an extensive certification course addressing survivors of narcissistic abuse. I have found that many people, especially women, suffer in silence with such abuse yet are not alone. This is a unique, subtle and overly devastating form of trauma that many may not realize they are experiencing.

General or Christian Counseling

Children (8-12), Teens (13-17), Adults, Families, and Couples

Focus of Issues:



Relationship Issues




Addiction (including disordered drinking)

Women’s Issues

Narcissistic Abuse Survivors


For more information or to set up an appointment you may contact me at

520-762-6680 or 520-292-9750 or RuckerM@protonmail.com