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contact us optionsFeel free to email or call us at or 520-292-9750 if you have any questions.

We have Northwest / Central and East offices for you with
flexible morning, afternoon, evening and weekend times available.

As a client of Pathways Counseling Services, you can count on services that fit your current needs and goals. Our counselors come from diverse backgrounds trained in various therapeutic approaches. We provide both brief and long-term counseling for a wide variety of issues. Our team is dedicated to working together with you to meet your relational, mental health, counseling needs and goals.

Call Sandy Green 480-351-0306 or 520-292-9750 or email

Call Barbara Grinnell 520-977-7191 or 520-292-9750

Call Anne Marie Sheffer 520-270-1176 or 520-292-9750

Call Kerry Kelly 520-440-2016 or 520-292-9750 or email

Call Dr. Jerimya Fox 520-975-7946 or 520-292-9750

Call Thea Thompson 520-907-4198 or 520-292-9750

Call Jessica Miceli 520-907-4675 or 520-292-9750 or email

Call Allison Hanzel 520-357-1348 or 520-292-9750 or email

Call Andrea Ward 424-327-5370 or 520-292-9750 or email

Call Kim Arnold 520-261-3870 or 520-292-9750 or email

Call Debra Marshall at 520-490-0098 or 520-292-9750 or email

Call Joel Ackley 520-292-9750

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