Wow! The winter Holidays are gone and a New Year is upon us. But things aren’t always as they seem. Life rolls onward and we have things to do, places to go, decisions to make, and the list goes on. However, you may find yourself experiencing the post-holiday blues.

Does sadness, grief or despair seem overwhelming to you? Do you feel anxious as to how your life and relationships are going? Ever feel like the Holidays weren’t the way they use to be? Did you find yourself avoiding the Holidays or wished they didn’t happen?

Perhaps you feel heavy sadness with grief due to loss of a loved one, friend or pet. It could be that this time of the year is very difficult for you. You are not alone. Many of our clients have and are going through very similar feelings. You may see these thoughts and feelings slowing you down but you aren’t sure what to do. If you seem stuck or just in an emotional fog, we can help. Counseling is a way to help you through these hard times with support, empathy, a listening ear, and hope.

Even if you have had anxiety or depression prior to this Holiday season, it possible that they can be amplified now. Though you may or may not be grieving, feeling depressed may seem a bit heavier than usual. The anxious feelings may intensify as well.

It’s time to start out the New Year with getting through these burdensome thoughts and feelings You may ask, “How do I do that”? Thankfully there are some things you can do to begin anew.

6 Helpful Tips

Back to the Basics

To help with post-holiday blues, consider times from past Holidays or times when you felt good, hopeful, or encouraged. Perhaps it is very difficult to think about it now but try. What was your attitude like in those days? Reflect on what you were doing differently and write them down.

Keep life simple

Many times we have a tendency to over complicate thing especially when being depressed or stressed. Start with simple and straightforward daily routines. For example, as you wake up, open the blinds, drink a glass of water, go for a walk, put on some uplifting music. Perhaps get your coffee or tea started. However, it’s not about how much or how fast, it’s about simplicity and consistency.

Encourage or thank others

Many times it is very common to focus on yourself and all your woes especially in the New Year. Tradition tells us we are supposed to be moving forward with goals and resolutions. Stop for a moment. Consider stepping outside of your sadness or anxiousness and message a friend or family member something positive, encouraging or thankful. “Hey, I was just thinking about you”; “Hope you’re having a good day”; “I’m praying for you”; “I appreciate your sense of humor”; “Thanks for the laugh the other day”. You will have other phrases that are personal, from you to them.  Send out the messages.

Seek Support

Along with encouraging others it is also good to ask for support. There are times you may get really down or over anxious and just isolate yourself from others. These times are difficult, yes. Reaching out may seem not what you may want to do yet you could really use it.

Embrace Your Faith

Holidays are a time of embracing faith, joy, and love. However, grief, depression, and anxious feelings can interfere with this. Faith in God isn’t about guilt, shame or fear. Rather, it’s about trusting that He will help see you through these times. Love, hope, forgiveness, courage, strength, and healing are available as you rest and seek Him.

Get Help

Perhaps you have tried many things to overcome your post-holiday blues yet you are still battling hard with your depressed or anxious mood. Seeking a counselor to help you is what we do. We help by “coming along side” of you and walking through these tough times together.

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