Emmaus Free Church is dedicated to working with developing counselors professionally by demonstrating the love of Christ as they provide counseling, mental health therapy, and behavioral care to the community.  Giving professional supervision, knowledge, insight, and divine wisdom to counselors, caregivers who tend to the souls of people who need to rekindle hope, improve their communication with others, manage life stressors, recover from trauma, grieve losses, let go of harmful addictions, and other spiritual battles. Further, to provide the counselor with clinical supervision that is professional in nature with high ethical and valued principles based on current counseling standards of practice via the National Board for Certified Counselors, American Counselors Association codes of ethics as well as biblical principles rooted in love, directed by the Holy Spirit, and Godly wisdom.

Pathways Counseling Services being a ministry and service to both counselors and the community helps the church bring services directly to people in need.  It’s the church that comes to you…the church in action.

Emmaus Free Church is just that, a free church as our Founding Fathers of the United States of America intended as penned in our Constitution’s 1st Amendment…free from the entanglements of men, accountable to Jesus Christ, the head of the Church.  A free church does not define government policy, nor have governments define church policy or theology, nor seeks or receives government endorsement or funding for its general mission. The “term” is especially relevant here in the States and in countries with established state churches.

We seek to live at peace with all men and share with the community in times of distress towards mental, emotional, and spiritual health and healing.