Jessica Miceli

MSC, LAC (Licensed Associate Counselor)

Certified Equine Therapist


What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies within you.” Ralph Waldo Emmerson
My motivation for this work comes from a place that touches the very center of our existence.  Specifically, of all the judgments we pass in life, none other is as important as how we judge ourselves. Our sense of self-effects every aspect of our lives and can cause issues such as anxiety, depression, addictions, stress, self-worth, and how we manage trauma, grief and loss.
We as humans can question ourselves like no other species. We ask, Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going? What is my purpose in life? What is my heart’s desire? We can choose to answer them or run from them. I want to honor you as you have chosen to find answers to these questions.
Coming from a place of genuineness and unconditional positive regard, we will investigate the relationship you have with yourself and the connections you make in the world today.
As we explore the depths of your story we will begin the journey of excavating your authentic self. The process of healing will unearth how your greatest weaknesses can become your greatest strengths clearing the road for self-acceptance, growth, and restoration.
Let me support you…moving away from gravitational pull of crises, anxieties, and deceits to climbing new heights towards victories.

Support for…

     Older Teens, Adults     
     Highly Sensitive People
     Stress Management
     Spiritual Journey
     Coping Skills
     Attachment Issues
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