Debra Marshall

MFT-Marriage & Family Therapist

In working with marriage, couples, anxiety and depression in counseling, everyone has a unique story to tell, and everyone has the necessary strengths and resources to solve their problems. I believe in working collaboratively with you to help you discover your strengths, resources while discovering and nurturing solution/solutions. I identify myself as a post-modern therapist and look through a Narrative/Systemic lens (where I find value, meaning and tenacity in your unique story; absorbing the context of your upbringing to the current day; exploring your challenges, and ways you have overcome them).

In my own story, I owned a successful business for 24 years. I enjoyed using many of my gifts, such as time management, personal/public relations, and creativity but I longed for an inner purpose. For this purpose, I have a passion for counseling couples, families, and individuals while being down to earth, easy to talk to, and have a high level of empathy. I have gone through many unique experiences in my lifetime including adopting three international children in their young age realizing how the change in one part of a system impacts the whole. We have grown in so many ways over the years as I have witnessed a multitude of growth seeing one to adulthood and two currently in their teen years.

Additionally, I have experienced the systemic effects of family members struggling with bipolar disorder and Alzheimer’s disease. I understood how a change in one part of a system affects the whole, which is referred to as the “butterfly effect.” Although I use a narrative/systemic lens, I tend to use an eclectic approach. Meaning, I derive/apply ideas as therapy brings insight into other problematic areas, causes, and goals that are desired.

Areas of Focus:

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