Andrea Ward,


As a lifelong student of counseling, I believe counseling is a personal journey that is directed by each client and his or her needs. Each individual has the opportunity to create and embrace the life that they want. Together we can explore your strengths, your wants and your needs for you to be able to meet your mental health goals. As a client in therapy, you are not alone. An important part of counseling is the counselor being present with the client and his/her needs.

The foundation of most successful relationships begins with a connection that two people share. It is from this connection between a counselor and client from which trust is built. This foundation of connection and trust provides you the ability as a client to be safe, to risk, to be vulnerable to share, to take chances, and move forward. This strong foundation supports the counselor and client relationship so as a team we work together to navigate through your life’s challenges.

I provide for you in counseling a present-focused point of view. This means together we explore and clarify

1) what you as a client want in counseling,
2) what your goals may be,
3) what you are doing in your current situation and discovering what changes in your life you may need to make to meet your goals,
4) how to go about reaching these goals.

I work with clients under supervision by Joel Ackley.

Areas I can assist you with are:

Feel free to call or email me at 424-327-5370 (I’m local) or 520-292-9750 or contact me through our contact page.

I look forward to connecting with you.